The authenticity of our flavours has acquired us a standing as a best rank provider to the foods and beverages industry. Other than magnificent taste, usefulness and food hygiene additionally assume a main part in our creations. Get in touch with the taste. Happiness, credibility and effortlessness assume a focal part for customers.

At GFF, we modify and make flavours for industry pioneers. Our group of profoundly experienced florists' work from a range of more than 4,000 raw materials. A considerable lot of these are produced in-house which implies that we can make unique and profoundly individual flavours for your business needs. We make enhances that stretch the boundaries of creative mind and advancement and pleasure our clients.

  • Dairy
  • Beverages


With a fast-growing development in baking industry, our products are competitively involved in production of quality baked goods like cakes, cream -filled biscuits, wafers, breads, and pastries. With broad experience in ingredient production in assorted bakery shop applications, our skill implies we can assist you with further developing execution and make items that truly assist you sticking out. GFF's flavours are heat stable, giving rich and natural taste for these products even processed at high temperatures. Our new flavour creations transform every product giving vibrant, distinct taste and satisfaction.


The world's favourite flavoured sweets are a heaven of flavours created for the purpose of improving rich taste and aroma. We at GFF recognizes the need of confectionery industry to manufacture sweets that are flavour filled, leaving still room for the natural taste of their products. When added to confectioneries, GFF flavourings blend well and does not mask the natural flavours in the product matrix, but rather gives characteristic flavour without any chemical after taste. Our research and development team continually comes up with bright innovations, substitutes and alternatives for every flavour and food ingredient.


Dairy is a significant part of a self-balancing, giving health, comfort, delight and an extraordinary tasting source of healthful diet. There is a major interest in original, delicious and nutritious dairy items all over the world. As a channel of nutrients, milk and dairy products are most exquisite when fused with flavours. GFF created flavourings for dairies and its products uplifts taste and blends well, even in fat/oil-based products such as ghee, cheese, and butter. Our regulatory affiliates ensure every ingredient in our flavour meets international and local standards, providing and serving flavourings and ingredients that are approved and recognized.


Drinks are consumed around the world, in spite of the selected types and kinds of refreshments rely upon the country and region. GFF believes in discovery and diversity, stimulating the passion to create flavours with unlimited range, varying and adapting with each product matrix found in beverages. We can assist you with making new drinks and work on existing ones so they stick out. Our flavours of fruit selection extend wide up to tropical and mixed fruits of various sorts which can blend perfectly with syrups, energy drinks, flavoured milk and milk products, fruit juices and Vimto’s.