Gulf Flavours & Fragrances

Believing that flavourings and food ingredients have a great potential in the UAE and GCC market, GFF was built in the year 2002 with the goal of providing quality flavours with unlimited range, evolving and customizing as new technologies appear in the food industry. Starting with our own creative technical team, we are able to provide excellent flavourings and ingredients to local customers and gradually developed resulting to overseas business agreements and exports in Africa, KSA, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Pakistan, Jordan, and Oman. We have been a proficient partner of many food manufacturing companies over the years and is determined to continue our valued service as we expand globally.

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The authenticity of our flavours has acquired us a standing as best rank provider to the foods and beverages industry. Other than magnificent taste, usefulness and food hygiene additionally assume a main part in our creations. Get in touch with taste. Happiness, credibility and effortlessness assume a focal part for customers.

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Lighting the senses with a remarkable experience, the fragrances created at GFF are vivid and unique. Fragrances are a fundamental piece of our regular routines, from flavourful dishes to comfortable garments, the fragrances and smells around us guide our mind-set, desire and sentiments. At GFF, we perceive the need to detail a sensory encounter so fulfilling that it resounds with the client's requirements.

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All ingredients exist in a food product to serve a specific purpose such as preservatives, humectants, sweeteners, thickener, acidulants, and fortifiers. These ingredients are included in GFF's list of available products being distributed in UAE and selected GCC countries.

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What we make


With a fast-growing development in baking industry, our products...

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Food Ingredients

We here at GFF develop solid relationships with ingredient providers...

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Fine Fragrances

When it comes to fragrances, we give fragrance solutions for clients...

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The world's favourite flavoured sweets are a heaven of flavours created...

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Essential Oils

Essential oils are a famous category in health and wellbeing, and we understand...

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Personal care

We, at GFF take special consideration of making probably the best close...

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Dairy is a significant part of a self-balancing, giving health comfort...

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Aroma chemicals

A Pleasing Aroma Products requires High Quality and Affordable Material...

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Home care

Each and every day, we at GFF hope to upgrade the existences of shoppers all...

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Drinks are consumed around the world, in spite of the selected types...

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All ingredients exist in a food product to serve a specific purpose such as...

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Fabric care

As various researches and demonstrations reveal that a number of items have become...

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Our Latest News

Rose Fragrances

The fallen petals that fly like butterflies and land on your hands makes you feel the romantic scents of the roses. Arguably the most aromatic rose fragrances that can be found exclusively in the pink and red roses, the warm and heady notes along with light fruity scent makes it unique and characteristic.

Refreshing Pomegranate

The refreshing effect of pomegranate is a balanced combination of sweetness, saltiness, tartness and astringent along with dozens of characteristic volatile components. GFF has developed a wide range of Flavours covering all profile variances such as blossom, arils and peel notes.” Know More


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